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Equestrian Instruction For Any Level Rider

Pye Equestrian offers on-site instruction to all levels of riders from beginner through advanced in a variety of disciplines including eventing, hunters, jumpers and dressage. We are based out of Albuquerque, NM at the lovely Rancho Alegre in the South Valley.

Jessica is an advanced/CCI**** short level event rider who has competed multiple horses to the upper levels of eventing. She grew up in the hunter/jumper and equitation rings of Wellington, FL but by age 12 had fallen in love with the versatility and challenge of eventing. Jessica has worked for and ridden with numerous top hunter/jumper, dressage and eventing instructors during her journey including Karen & David O’Connor, Captain Mark Phillips, Mike Huber, Missy & Jessica Ransehousen, Debbie Divecchia and Emilee Spinelli. She has also obtained her master’s degree in Industrial/Organizational Psychology and worked in Corporate America at the director level. With a unique perspective to most horse professionals, Jessica strives to create a positive, safe and fun environment for every level of rider by understanding each of her student’s personalities, needs and goals.

  1. 1
    Three-Day Eventing is the triathlon of horse sports and includes dressage, show jumping and cross-country. Adrenaline junkies sign up here!
  2. 2
    For those who love to jump but rather stay in an arena, hunters or maybe jumpers are for you. These disciplines include jumping obstacles that fall down in an arena setting either for style points or against the clock.
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    If jumping isn't really your thing and you love the technicality, precision and perfection of horse sports, dressage involves a great deal of difficulty and accuracy.
Lessons/Training Rides
Pye Equestrian offers both lessons and training rides to improve and advance both human and equine athletes. 
Pye Equestrian travels to dressage, hunter/jumper and eventing competitions both locally and nationally to compete and coach a variety of students. 


Pye Equestrian is happy to help with all of your equine buying and selling needs. We specialize in matching horses to riders and creating last bonds between humans and horses.